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More and more different contradictions about almost every product can be observed – fish, meat, cheese, eggs, etc. – because almost all of them contain chemical additives. However, my recommendation is to eat all these products, but check their quality and the absence of chemical additives.

The most important thing is to make sure that the best available raw materials are used in the production process of the product. For example, make sure that the eggs we eat come from chickens that have received quality food every day and are kept in good conditions; thus the egg will also contain all the valuable and necessary nutrients provided by nature itself.

Protein is necessary for every human body – the main task of such amino acids is to supply the body with raw materials, from which various cells and tissues are formed and regenerated. Of course, eggs are not the only source of protein, but one of the best available. Eggs are also a good source of lecithin and choline, which are essential nutrients for brain development and normal functioning. It has been proven that eggs contain three times more lecithin than cholesterol. Lecithin is a substance that removes cholesterol from the body, so a person with high blood cholesterol may eat eggs, but they must be properly cooked, because nature has created a wonderful harmony and balance in the eggs, that we destroy by cooking them incorrectly.

First of all, eggs can be prepared in countless ways: soft-boiled, hard-boiled, omelette, sunny-side-up, fried eggs, etc. The biggest mistake that is often made is to burn the eggs or fry them for too long. In this way, the natural proportion of the egg is destroyed and its composition changes. Burnt parts are the most harmful, when cooking any food, as carcinogens and free radicals form this are undesirable in the human body.

Secondly, the way we cook matters: if we add butter, sausage, cheese and another products with high cholesterol to the egg, while cooking it, we have to take into account that the amount of lecithin in the egg will not be sufficient to neutralise all the cholesterol consumed. And thus cholesterol levels rise high in the blood, but it is not caused by the egg we are cooking, but by all the added products.

The most important thing in striving towards a healthy lifestyle is to listen to yourself, to make more use of what nature has already created, and to learn not to complicate things. The same refers to any other products we consume daily. It is definitely necessary to observe moderation in everything and to be able to distinguish high-quality and valuable products, because after all we are choosing the raw materials that build our bodies ourselves.