• construction of the company wastewater treatment plant: taking care of the environment, “Balticovo” plans to replace the existing wastewater treatment plants with equipment that meets modern requirements and the specifics of the company operation;

• ventilation equipment of the processing workshop of boiled eggs with recuperation; two achievable goals are implemented within the project: the net turnover from the processing of agricultural products is increased by at least 5%, effective compliance with environmental requirements is ensured – technologies for decreasing air or water pollution are implemented within the process of processing agricultural products, mitigation of climate change is promoted, achieving 20% energy savings for heating and cooling of the premises;

• processing workshop warehouse of liquid eggs with freezer and sheds; the project has two achievable goals: the first – construction of a freezer building and delivery and installation of refrigeration equipment, the other – construction of a packaging material warehouse. Purpose of freezing: to install a blast freezer chamber to freeze the packaged liquid egg products – egg whites, egg mass or egg yolks – in the shortest possible time, as well as to store them after freezing. It is planned to divide the freezer building into two parts: one room for quick-freezing the product at -35 ºC and the other room for only storing the product at -18 ºC. Thus, two cooling systems are installed: one cooling system for freezing the product in one chamber, the other cooling system for maintaining the storage temperature of the product in the storage chamber and/or in the freezing chamber. The purpose of building a material warehouse within the modernisation of the workshop: to build it in accordance with the hygiene and microclimate requirements.