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Balticovo begins the construction of a modern production plant – 13 million euros to be invested

By laying the capsule in the foundations of the building, the Latvian producer of eggs and egg products JSC Balticovo begins the construction of a new production complex, where the planned egg sorting centre and egg boiling line will significantly increase the production capacity of the company.  The project investments will reach 13 million euros and the total area of the complex is planned to be 8500 square metres large. 

The complex will consist of the egg sorting plant, egg boiling workshop and product packaging warehouse. The conversion of the existing building and the construction of a new block is planned within the project in accordance with category A of the BRC quality system of the highest level of food safety. It is planned to open the production complex in 2021.

An egg sorting plant is planned in the complex with the capacity to inspect and sort 190,000 eggs in one hour. Production capacity will increase to 4,000,000 eggs processed per day. With the help of the most modern technologies, the damaged eggs will be automatically identified and removed, so that they do not end up in the finished production, and the eggs will also be sorted by size.

The new sorting plant will also allow the development of wider cooperation with local farms, by purchasing eggs for further quality control and marketing.  

The newly built block of the complex will also house a modern egg boiling workshop, which will provide the capacity of boiling up to 40,000 eggs per hour. Boiled eggs are mostly used as a product by the HoReCa industry – the catering companies.

Jānis Vitenbergs, Minister of Economics of Republic of Lativa: “For more than 45 years producer of egg products “Balticovo” has confirmed that in Latvia it is possible to develop and modernize food production, by ensuring stable work places and by being able to compete on a European scale and significantly contributing economy of Lativia. Commencement of developing the company today is investment in future growth, by also strengthening Latvia's reputation in the world as a manufacturer of high-quality products.”

Aivars Mačeks, Mayor of Iecava municipality: “I would like to thank “Balticovo” for responsiveness and highly valued co-operation. I am proud that you contribute not only to the region, but also to our municipality. It is gratifying that in this time of Covid-19 crisis, the company is not standing still. You are using this time for challegnes and  innovations, investing such a serious investment in modernization of the company, which allows to create high added value for your products.”

“We have built and are building several new modern chicken barns, and the production complex is a logical next step to further improve the egg processing equipment, as well as to increase the production capacity. We see that the demand for eggs laid outside cages – either in the barn or in open conditions – is growing both in the domestic and export markets, therefore we want to demonstrate that Latvia can meet this demand for a high-quality and sustainable product,” explains Toms Auškāps, Director of Communication and Development at Balticovo.


Over the last three years, more than 26 million euros has already been invested in the development of the company and the industry, and over the next year the investments will reach almost 40 million euros. The first cage-fee enclosure facility for chickens was opened in August 2020, which consists of one enclosure for chicks, and three enclosures for egg-laying hens, with a total production capacity of 120 million eggs every year. As part of its continuous development, Balticovo plans to also put a second large free-range facility for chickens into operation: it will accommodate 20,000 birds that will be able to roam within an area of eight hectares.